Denissa Ursula Kiehl
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About the Artist  

 Denissa Ursula Kiehl

 is an American artist specializing      in painting, children’s illustration,        mural work, & nature photography.    She has studied art in California,      England (University of Cambridge,    and London), Italy (the Uffizi              Gallery and the Academia di Belle    Arti in Florence), and Peru.  Kiehl      completed her formal education by    earning a Master of Fine Arts            degree in 2D Studio Art with an          emphasis in painting, at the University of Texas. 

The ideas in her art stem from her love for: admiring nature, exploring the world, reflecting upon her childhood memories, and studying the mysteries of life and the universe.  Her art has whimsical, vibrantly colored details with a balance usually made between realistic and fantasy elements depending on the purpose of each project. 

Creating art that enriches the lives of both children and adults is her lifelong passion.  Kiehl’s most recent public and narrative artwork accomplishments are described and shown in the DUK World News and art portfolio pages accessible on the left.

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